Monday, June 6, 2016

Event: Griffith Observatory

Although I have lived in Southern California my entire life, I have never visited the Griffith Observatory, even during my four years at UCLA.  It is famous for its architecture and large telescope, which visitors can peer through after a long wait in line.  During Week 9, we discussed in class Space + Art, which correlates to the Griffith Observatory.   
During my visit, I walked through the various exhibits, taking in all the fascinating information.  In the Ahmanson Hall of the Sky, I was able to observe the effects of the sun and moon and ponder what it would be like if Earth did not have a sun.  This question led to a few conclusions: we would not have seasons or annual cycles.  Sun is a star and gives us insight into the nature of stars.  The moon, along with Earth, move in relation to the sun, giving us moon phases and eclipses to marvel at.   
            In my post about week 9: Space + Art, I mentioned that the human race is fascinated with space because it presents a large unknown.  Visiting the Griffith Observatory caused me to feel as if I was closer to space and the stars; I now know more about space in a sort of intimate way.  The observatory offers not only great views of the Los Angeles area, but also a glimpse into space and a view of the stars which stimulates a feeling of closeness to space, it that were possible.  

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