Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 6: BioTech + Art

This topic of BioTech is very foreign to me.  I did find Kathy High’s research into rats interesting.  Her project Blood Wars sounded gross initially, but it brings up some interesting questions about art and biotech.  
When scientists first sequenced the human genome, they needed large robotic machines and huge laboratories; now, a single person armed with a desktop computer can perform the work of an entire genetics lab.
 The questions that she poses about blood such as what do we inherit and what do we not inherit through blood? I went to Kathy’s website about Blood Wars in order to look further into her experiment. This idea of wanting to know more about blood and how it affects the human body is something I have never thought about.   
Kathy High
While browsing her website the concept of natural selection came into my head.  If we could conduct experiments to find out whose blood cells are stronger than humans could have their own natural selection.  If women knew which men has stronger white blood cells wouldn’t they chose the stronger over the weaker?
            Kathy’s other project, researching rat laughter was something I wanted to look further into.  Who knew rats laughed?  What effects rats enough to be able to produce ultrasonic sounds?  Rats are not thought positively of in our society today, but they are used frequently in research to cure human diseases and help science progress.  
Kathy's drawings
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