Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 8: NanoTech + Art

As I began watching the lectures for this week I was unaware what nanotechnology was.  Nanotechnology is a small study of science, engineering, and technology.  The small study is usually one nanometer.  I cannot imagine how small this is, but Dr. Gimzewski helped me understand by comparing the size to an atom.  Many of his lecture was over my head, especially when he began explaining the logarithmic scale.  

            In his last video lecture I was interested to find out what products on the market today contain nanoparticles.  I had never heard of “Slim Shake Chocolate” before.  I looked more into this product to find out why it contains nanoparticles and how this is positive or negative. 
            I discovered this drink, which contains natural coca particles also includes NanoClusters, which are 100,00th the size of a single grain of sand.  The two ingredients are combined to create a great taste, but without excess sugar.  
Slim Shake Chocolate
            Prior to the release of Slim Shake Chocolate, nanofoods safety was questioned.  The problem was that scientists were unsure if the body could properly metabolize nanoparticles.  They have certain durability; nanoparticles retain their particle-ness after being passed through the gut.  Many scientists spoke out saying this really needs to be tested in a laboratory before any diet products were placed on the shelf.  
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