Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 7 Neuroscience + Art

I was curious to learn about the history of Cocaine and LSD. I was unaware of their histories and how they each eventually became illegal.  Freud I knew as a psychiatric doctor famously known for his different methodologies.  I did not know that he had a past with Cocaine.  Sigmund Feud’s book Cocaine Papers must contain interesting information and possible insight seeing as he was addicted to the drug while writing the book.  
Sigmund Fred Cocaine Papers
            It seems LSD was experimented more frequently with as it became particularly popular with Timothy Leary.  Fortunately for Leary, in the beginning of his research he found positive results with LSD.  Although his experimentation with the drug took place during the early 60’s, people were still unsupportive of his LSD research.  
Effects of LSD
            Richard Alpert was a psychology teacher at Harvard, where he taught a motivational class.  It was that year at Harvard when the Psilocybin Project began.  Alpert and Leary administered hallucinogenic drugs to students.  This gained great media attention and the professors at Harvard were soon under attack by parents and being questioned by the FBI.  While I think a professor who studies psychology would be interested in the affects of hallucinogens, I do not think administering the drugs to college students was an appropriate way to study.  
LSD dissolved on the tongue
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